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Style on a Budget

Creative ideas that allow you to make a beautiful space with a budget in mind.

I live in a 2 bedroom 1000 Sq foot townhouse, I had to get very creative with a budget and lack of storage space. My daughter is a blooming artist since she was a year old. I have collected projects and artwork for 5 years now, I'm so happy I get to see her talent grow with time and experience.

Lets dive right into the art of stylizing your space with a touch of personality & function. Layering and DIY can get you really far on a budget. This beautiful buffet was created from an old brown buffet into something I truly adored. A Splash of paint, new knobs, and a bit of time and effort made this buffet into a functional unique piece of furniture that no one else on this planet owns.

I purchased a pair of curtain rods ($40 at HomeSense), Curtain clips ($12.99 at Bouclair) Placed the hardware on the wall as if it was going to be an art gallery that could always be changed out or new artwork put up. As for layering items on the top, adding words of inspiration, pieces that speak to you, or those priceless family Heirlooms. Also purchased layering items from HomeSense ranging from $16.99 - $25.00 (In this blog you will quickly find out that I have a bit of an obsession with HomeSense.) I also am not a baker, but somehow was given a cake stand that I find to be so beautiful it just adds a sweet detail to my buffet. It's those meaningful pieces that will add that final touch to the beauty of your space.

Now, just to add that adult touch to a very child like space in my dining room. I have added a tray, with a few pieces of bar ware, and a wine rack ($79.95 Crate and Barrel) in the shelf for added functionality. Tray ($40 HomeSense) Edge wine glasses ($18.95 each at Crate and Barrel). Making a space beautiful, functional, and full of personality gives me so much joy. I truly love giving back and if I can help you create a space that you adore and love that to me is my purpose and life's passion.

Thank you for taking the time to read my very first blog post.

Jamie byDesign

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