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Interior Design and Parenting during a global pandemic

Hello again to my valued followers, hope you're staying safe and well.

I debated what to write about for my next blog, I had done an international consultation for a client in Finland and was very excited to talk about that, but I think I will save that for next time.

I want to tell you all how trying and difficult and exciting these times have been the last few months, I was excited to receive my diploma and start my business ventures in 2019 into an already saturated industry, but I knew I had an unwavering passion for design and all the nitty and gritty aspects of the Interior design world. Lets go back to March of 2020;

Things took an interesting turn, I was instantly assigned to being my 6 year old daughter's kindergarten teacher, I'm sure many of you can relate and really do feel my anxiety over being forced into this position. Let me tell you a little about my daughter, She's sassy af, strong willed, and man can she pack a verbal punch. My perspective is she does somewhat take after me, but I would say she's much more outgoing and spicy then I am (Man, is she going to be a fun teenager.) In early April I was looking forward to a trip away to Mexico, child free, time away with my boyfriend, and to celebrate my birthday. Well, as you all know a vacation isn't part of essential travel. Wow, was I ever sad about not being able to get out and travel more. I think it hit me harder then I was expecting, you almost have to grieve not being able to live life the way you want to. But I have to be honest, I think in a way the situation overall helped me expand and grow in a way I didn't think was needed. I understand my daughter a little better. I'm so proud of us getting through months of sitting at the table every morning and getting though her school work (I give soooo much credit to Teachers and all Educators out there) There were many fights during that period of time that I wish we didn't have to have. My biggest reason for sticking with it was to give her the best possible start in life as I have always chosen to do for her. She is so smart, and unique, and a trailblazing little girl who will grow up to make a big impact on this world.

So during one of the most impactful times in my parenting and in the world at large, I was trying to figure out where and what I needed to do to build my business and create a presence in a saturated market. I researched and learned what I could do in a world of little to zero in person contact with clients and prospective customers. What additional services can I provide? During this time my boyfriend Mina Gayed ( is also finding his footing in the world of Real Estate. So not one career change, but two career changes. Let me just speak a bit about this incredible man, he's taken on a positive male influence in my daughters life like a champ. He's willing to learn about her and her personality, but with no kids of his own has an impressive knack for parenting. He has gracefully adjusted and taken on life in parenting with patience, and has fully supported me in all of my crying outbursts because I'm at my whits end. We are both adjusting to the New normal life has thrown at us.

My services have taken on more of a virtual standing in this new world of ours, Mina is mainly in pre-construction sales at this time. What can I do to help him sell those properties faster, and more to a clients understanding without actually physically standing in the property? I have taken 2D floor plans of these builds and have created a virtual 3D render "Photo" of the property. with certain builders I have limitations on fixtures, hardware, cabinetry, and permanent structural features. I have all the design and staging possibilities at my finger tips. I have used an online service for my design software and have been blown away with customer support and program. This is a tool that I hope will generate more possibilities in the future and generate a growth in my business. Heading into a more virtual existence with social distancing measures and protecting those most vulnerable, I have helped many remotely, internationally, and in person still with appropriate safety measures. I'm finding my way, in a world of juggling parenting, online social media presence and during a global pandemic. Please feel free to share this blog.

I would also love to hear more suggestions of what you would like to hear more about? My Parenting, Interior Design in the new normal, would love to hear from you.

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